Porting from LettuceΒΆ

The following changes are required to port from Lettuce to aloe_django:

  • The decorators creates_model() and checks_existence() have been removed and should be replaced by writes_model() and tests_existence() respectively. The prototypes passed to the functions have now been made consistent.
  • hashes_data() has been removed. Switch to aloe.tools.guess_types().
  • Tests are run inside the aloe_django.TestCase so a clean_db() hook is no longer required.
  • The django_url() now expects a step as argument. Instead of django_url(reverse('some-url')), you must call django_url(step, reverse('some-url')). step.test.live_server_url can also be used to get the root URL of the test server.
  • LETTUCE_USE_TEST_DATABASE is not supported, the tests are always run using the test database. For a possible speed-up of the test suite, use –keepdb option from the Django test runner.
  • LETTUCE_APPS is not supported. Without any arguments, harvest will run all the feature files found in packages in the current directory. To run a subset of tests, specify the features directories as arguments to harvest.
  • --debug-mode is not supported. Use Django’s settings_override decorator on the test class to set DEBUG=True.