Porting from Lettuce

Aloe, started as a fork of Lettuce, tries to be compatible where it makes sense. However, there are following incompatible changes:

  • Aloe aims to use compatible Gherkin syntax, as such the following no longer work:
    • Using " to indicate the indent of a multiline string; and
    • Comments after steps.
  • The each_scenario(), each_background() and outline() callbacks are removed. Use each_example().
  • The -s option for running particular scenarios is renamed to -n.
  • Django-related functionality, including the harvest command, is moved to a separate project, aloe_django.
  • terrain.py has no particular significance. It will be imported but only if it exists at the same directory with the other step definition files, and not above it.
  • Step files are loaded using the normal Python import mechanism. This means the directory they are in must have a (possibly empty) __init__.py.
  • Scenario outlines must be declared with “Scenario Outline”, and scenarios without examples must use “Scenario” - Lettuce allowed using either.